Andy.R Ameena


There is a profound sense of wonder to Andy´s technical approach. In an increasingly diffuse society, we need to hold on to curious individuality. No human being is alike, hence Andy begins his trail with a conversation, on life, ideas and curiosities. From here he sets off, with scissors and comb in hand.

The complexity found in hair requires careful attention. It is alive, it breathes, it shelters and completes us. From follicle to strand, it falls differently on every single wayfarer. Andy dissects the subjects hair into an imaginary visual map, wandering calmly from inner to outer contours. A most intricate process, allowing for the wearer to maintain shape without needless styling or ´controlling´ product.

After applying natural intricate patterns in the hair, Andy deeply explores its texture. No imperfections exist, but our own appropriation of these. They make for character. Without any applied heat or damaging liquids, Andy cuts hair dry, allowing its natural state and balance to re-appear.

In the end, it is all in the hands. Tools with a polite conductor at their helm. Steady, gentle hands, applying soft pressure where needed, guiding the hair with quiet dedication. Comb, scissors and hands operating in perfect unison. By cutting underneath the exterior surface and not just the ends, the hair´s sincere texture truly awakens.

This is a process of hours, finding moments of stillness in time. No mirrors, no needless aesthetic noise, but the faint whisper of solemn strands floating onto the concrete floor.

– marlo saalmink