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Andy.R Ameena


Silent scissors, a pair of hands, steady motions as strands of hair quietly float towards the surface. A torrent of poetic filaments in a controlled descend.

At the helm, arising from three generations of devoted craftsmen, stands Andy, a solemn instigator. He meticulously cuts and sculpts whilst embracing our hair’s natural movement and form. This demanding free-form course, allows it to fall into shape organically, without artificial intervention, just as it was meant to be.

As the sun turns, Andy advances with quiet intent. His, is not merely a process, yet a deeply immersive experience. Home to this act: Fitzroy, Melbourne, a humble facade, opening up into an unassuming ascetic mirror-less space, swaying alongside the seasonal shift.

With the floor covered in stringlike textures, finally, one rises. Far from the masses, a new found self; steadily venturing away from the norm.


Our minds are constantly looking to be triggered. What if a curated environment could clear our visually overwhelmed senses for a moment.

This is a gallery, operating from a novel foundation. This austere space aims to be a foundation for sincere creation. There are no rules, no boundaries, but the powerful interaction between human and art. As a modular space, the room allows for seasonal metamorphosis and the evolution of dynamic interchange.

The concept is to display selected projects that embrace immersive, multi-disciplinary and experimental trajectories. Process is as relevant as product. Whilst product remains subject to our emotive humankind.  Clear. If only for a moment. Filter the noise.


A series of stained black glass bottles. Vessels that contain naturally sourced ingredients native to the Australian homeland. These artisanal blends of essential oils, extracts and botanicals, care for your hair with deep nourishment.

The contrast between these minimalistic casings and their contents infused by the rugged nature found close to Andy.R’s Melbourne base, makes for a powerful contrast.

These are not products, they shape a sensory journey, refined with whispers of tranquil and empowering scents. Engage.

– written by marlo saalmink

Andy.R is an artisan hair stylist located in Fitzroy, Melbourne using unconventional cutting techniques and custom created natural hair care products. The space showcases experimental art, fusing the boundaries between hair, art and design.